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Roatan Snorkeling Tours

Our Mission:

To Snorkel.

We provide the best snorkeling experience on Roatan. So come enjoy Roatan from a different perspective. Oh, and did you know? Our lovely catamaran is named after our very own, Queen Victoria. LEARN THE STORY →


Our Boat

The Queen Victoria is a newly built catamaran boat, 60 ft in length, 24 ft wide, and has two 450 lbs of horsepower engines. The double hull, large standing area, rooftop, makes for a smooth and comfortable ocean ride. The views of Roatan from the water's edge offers a beautiful perspective of Roatan. You'll have the perfect view of the islands canopy, its beaches, and most importantly, its coral reefs.


Our Tours

Floating over crystal clear waters is done best aboard the Queen Victoria Catamaran. The Catamaran set sail around Roatan in 2018 and made its tours available to the public in 2019. Catamaran Tours range from private charters to per person tours lasting anywhere from a few hours to full day excursions. Among the various trips are Fishing Charters, Sunset Tours, and Snorkeling excursions.



along its length

Our double hull provides a long and stable platform for our guests to enjoy the view and move around the deck.



along its width

The Catamaran is wide and offers seating for every guest. You’ll even have a place to put your personal belongings.



twice the horse power

The twin 450 horse power engines can handle the ocean currents while also providing a redundant power source.


MARCH 2019

The crew of the Queen Victoria was friend and best of all they were locals, so they knew the terrain really well.

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Our Crew

Founded by longstanding members of the Roatan Community, our charter and staff are well versed in customer service, and also, know the terrain and the reef better than most. We are proud of our Roatan heritage and our team is ready to leverage years of experience in making sure your next Roatan adventure is an unbelievable one. Our team has direct ties and is well received, with all major establishments on Roatan. So if you're looking for a zipline on Roatan, or would like to visit Gumbalimba Park, or if all you desire is to relax in Mahogany Bay, then say no more, our team will accommodate your travel agenda.



We sail out of three main docks: Mahogany Bay, Gumbalimba Park, and West Bay. Weather is the primary driver for where we sail. During the tour, we will explore the coral reef and also take you by a few keys. We may also take you to see a few dolphins.


Our crew is experienced and well trained. They know the terrain well, and best of all they care about customer service. The team will ensure the sailing, snorkeling, and the exploring are all done safely and inside the time constraints set forth by our customers.


Our tours are aboard the Queen Victoria. The boat is 60 feet long and 24 feet wide, and two 450 horsepower engines power it. Queen Victoria has life rafts onboard, and there are individual life jackets for all our guest. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.


There are snacks, drinks, and adult beverages aboard Queen Victoria. The boat is equipped with an excellent sound system, and we'll have great tropical music playing in the background. There are also bathrooms aboard Queen Victoria for your convenience.

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Be Prepared

Be you travel be sure to pack those essential items which may allow you to make the most out of your snorkeling adventure. For example, It is imperative that you protect yourself against the sun, so bring a long sleeve rashguard, sunglasses, and footwear. Most sun lotions are harmful to the reef, so we discourage. Sun lotions are also largely ineffective as they wash off. So a lightweight, long sleeve, is a better way to protect yourself against the sun.


ZIPline Tours

Our team also operates the local Zip N'Clip zip line located in Mahogany Bay. So if ziplining is on your mind, let us know, and we'll be sure to book your next tour. Click below to book.


We are happy to answer questions related to our tours. However, if you have general questions about Roatan, consider visiting the Roatan Community Forum. It is rich with information.

Gratuity appriciated

If you've had an excellent experience and feel as though you'd like to leave us a gratuity, please do so. You can even choose to tip your tour guide individually here. We appreciate you.